Paris Coproduction Village Selection 2016

Afronauts by Frances Bodomo
produced by Nomadic Independence (USA)

Blood-Drenched Beard
 by Aly Muritiba
produced by RT Features (Brazil)

The Bus to Amerika  by Derya Durmaz
produced by Mars Production (Turkey)

Dark Lies the Island  by Ian Fitzgibbon
produced by Grand Pictures (Ireland)

God Exists, her Name is Petrunija  by Teona Strugar Mitevska
produced by Sisters and Brother Mitevski Production (Macedonia)

Golden Voices  by Evgeny Ruman
produced by United Channel Movies (Israel)

Prince  by Sebastian Muñoz
produced by Niña Niño Films (Chile) and Le Tiro Films (Argentina)

Remakable Things During a Killing  by Joko Anwar
produced by Lo-Fi Flicks (Indonesia)

When the Waves are Gone  by Lav Diaz
produced by Epicmedia (The Philippines)

Projects selected as part of the Colombian Focus, organized in partnership with Proimagenes Colombia:

Almost Never Too Late  by Alfonso Acosta
produced by Cabecitanegra Producciones

The Stone  by Rafael Martinez Moreno
produced by Miramar Entertainment

The Tailor  by Cesar Heredia
produced by Corte Film, Tree House Film (Panama) and Diafragma (Colombia)

Paris Coproduction Village Selection 2015

Across the Fields ** by Daniel Joseph Borgman
Produced by Adomeit Film (Denmark)

Brotherhood by Pepe Diokno
Produced by Epicmedia (Philippines)

Fireflies by Bani Khoshnoudi
Produced by Zensky Cine (Mexico), Pensée Sauvage (USA) and Aurora Dominicana (Dominican Republic)

Look Up * by Fulvio Risuleo
Produced by Revok (Italy) and Cineorama (France)

Lost Wolves by Carlos Moreno
Produced by 64-A Films (Colombia)

The Man from the Sea by Koji Fukada
Produced by Nikkatsu Corporation (Japan)

The Omission * by Sebastián Schjaer
Produced by Trapecio Cine (Argentina), Titus Kreyenberg (Germany) and Mandra Films (France)

Opening Hours by Anocha Suwichakornpong, Vorakorn Ruetaivanichkul et Wichanon
Produced by Electric Eel Film (Thailand)

Pirate of Love * by Sara Guðmundsdóttir & Árni Sveinsson
Produced by Netop Films (Iceland)

Single Mother by Hana Makhmalbaf
Produced by Makhmalbaf Film House (UK)

Zoology ** by Ivan I. Tverdosvsky
Produced by New People (Russia), Arizona Films (France) and Movie Brats (Germany)

Projects selected as part of the Brazilian Focus:

Tinnitus ** by Gregorio Graziosi
Produced by Superfilmes (Brazil)

Revenge Therapy by Marcos Bernstein
Produced by Passaro Films (Brazil)

A Yellow Animal by Felipe Bragança
Produced by Duas Mariola Filmes (Brazil), O Som e a Furia (Portugal) and Tucuman (Brazil)

* / ** First and second feature films

The Cinéfondation residents (30th session) joining the Coproduction Village:

Alfa de Una Gunjak
Produced by SCCA/ (Bosnia Herzegovina)

Bad Poems de Gabor Reisz
Produced by Proton Cinema (Hungary)

A Ciambra de Jonas Carpignano (Italy)

The Grave Digger de Khadar Ahmed
Produced by Sons of Lumiere (Finland)

El Hombre de la Mancha de Neto Villalobos
Produced by Pacifica Grey (Costa Rica)

Passed by Censor de Serhat Karaaslan
Produced by +90 Productions (Turkey)

The US-in-progress 4th edition selection:

Another Evil by Carson Mell
Produced by Riel Roch Decter and Sebastian Pardo

AWOL by Deb Shoval
Produced by Jessica Caldwell, L.A. Teodosio and Michel Merkt

Diverge by James Morrison
Produced by David Mandel and Noah Lang

Live Cargo by Logan Sandler
Produced by Thymaya Payne

Porto Mon Amour by Gabe Klinger
Produced by Rodrigo Areias, Nicolas R. de la Mothe, Sonia Buchman and Gabe Klinger

Queen of Glory by Nana Mensah
Produced by Jamund Washington, Baff Akoto et Anya Migdal

Paris Coproduction Village Selection 2014

40% by Andrea Serge
Produced by Jolefilm (Italy) and Mact Productions (France)

The Beauty of Sharks by Karim Aïnouz
Produced by Royal World Entertainment (USA)

The Delegation by Asaf Saban
Produced by Gun Films (Israel), Roh Films (Germany) and Opus Films (Poland)

The Embroiderer by Brillante Mendoza
Produced by Centre Stage Productions (The Philippines)

Heidi by Catalin Mirulescu
Produced by Strada Film (Romania)

House of my Fathers by Suba Sivakumaran
Produced by Palmyrah Talkies (Sri Lanka) and Bear Team Productions (USA)

In the Middle of the River by Daminian John Harper
Produced by Weydemann Bros (Germany) and Les Films d’Ici (France)

Odd by Pepa San Martin
Produced by Manufactura de Peliculas (Chili), Le Tiro (Argentina)

Samui Song by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
Produced by Bluering Company (Thailand), Augenshein Filmproduktion (Germany), Tenk (Norway)

Something Useful by Pelin Esmer
Produced by SinefilM (Turkey), Les Films de l’Après-Midi (France), Topkapi (The Netherlands) and Mars (Turkey)

White Knuckles by Pia Marais
Produced by Freshwater Pictures (Australia)

White Shadows by Fabio Mollo
Produced by Ascent Film (Italy) and January Film (Canada)

The Cinéfondation residents (28th session) joining the Coproduction Village:

All the Dead Ones by Catano Gotardo and Marco Dutra
Produced by Dezenos Som e Imagens (Brazil)

Against the Day by Katarina Stankovic (Serbia)

Heartstone by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson
Produced by Join Motion Pictures (Iceland), Maneki/Full House (France)

The Heiresses by Marcelo Martinessi
Produced by Mira (Paraguay)

Last Autumn by Sam Holst (Australia)

Small Talk by Marcela Said
Produced by Jirafa Films (Chile) and Cinema Defacto (France)

The US-in-progress 3rd edition selection:

Eugenia and John by Hossein Keshavarz
Produced by Chad Burris, Amy Durning and Maryam Azadi

Automatic at Sea by Matthew Lessner
Produced by Vanessa Gazy and David Henry Gerson

Winning Dad by Arthur Ellen
Produced by Arthur Allen, Julia Bruk and Case Barden

Creative Control by Benjamin Dickinson
Produced by Craig Shilowich, Melody Roscher, Zachary Mortensen, Mark De Pace

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